28 March 2015

Today's Miscellany

1.  I finally finished.
2.  No, not the Simplicity jacket.
3.  Or the post on how to skinnify Jalie 2908.
4.  I finished counting my fabric, save for a few pieces on the in-progress shelf.
5.  One thousand two hundred (1200+) yards.
6.  And then some.
7.  Don't judge.
8.  A lot of it was retail therapy.
9.  So that counts as a plus, right?
10. I have no regrets, though I do have moments of WTF.
11.  It's all good.
12.  Progress is slow on the jacket due to work and fatigue.
13.  I just cut out the lining today.
14.  I am still pressing on with my starting from scratch wardrobe plan.
15.  But I want to sew dresses and summer stuff.
16.  I have a wedding to go to in two weeks.  I have nothing to wear.  Oops.
17.  I made four desk lamps at the pottery studio.
18.  Two of them are going to be really, really tiny though.
19.  Shrinkage.
20.  I saw the chunkiest robin today. 
21.  Spring is my favorite season.
22.  Big decisions to make real soon.
23.  I'm nervously calm.  
24.  That doesn't make sense.
25.  I'm going to try Instagram.
26.  I still need a new computer.  Hah.  Going on two years now.
27.  Flying is still remarkably safe.  I don't mean to be insensitive; I love someone with mental illness.
28.  Scandal has crossed into the "this is stupid" zone for me.
29.  Anxiously awaiting bike season.
30.  Just wanted to round out the list at 30. =)

15 March 2015

S2284 Zipper-trim Welts: Just No.

I'm working on view D (model in upper left corner) with the zippered welts above the bust.

Yeah, you know where this is going. 

In theory it's a cute accent, in practice...um no.  Big no.

All I see is expression-less robot.  Kinda like this guy:

Seriously.  This is what came to mind and I cannot un-see it. 

I know better not to put bells and whistles near the twins.  Buuuuuuut, I thought I'd try this thinking that possibly maybe perhaps it might not be so bad.  Yeah, no.

The welts are interfaced, folded, and topstitched onto to the jacket front.  There is no amount of pressing that will make this lie completely flat.  Even if I topstitched the sides onto the jacket, the welts will stick out in an unflattering way.  Honestly, I don't see how this will look good on any jacket.

Soooo...it's off with the welts.  I'll give the patch pockets a try and see how it looks.


A HUGE thanks to everyone who left feedback about the cardi.  I'm still learning what styles are right for me and I am glad to have some honest (for or against) opinions.  Thank you!!




11 March 2015

Cardi Pics

I'm a little late getting this up on the blog.  I wore the cardi to work on Monday and took pictures then.  It's growing on me, though I'm still not completely satisfied.  

No head shot this time.  I had a mean mug on after work and wasn't feeling any of the photos!

The cardi looks way better on the dress form than on me because I'm chunkier than I was when I first padded this out in 2012.  Um...I suppose I should fix that.

Ugh!  Same camera, different lighting.  Maybe I should take pictures where the dress form is.  Hmm.

You can really see my broad back and poor posture in this photo.  The fit isn't tight, but I am not thrilled about the look.   

The back was too long in the muslin, so I hacked off two inches.  Bad idea.  Now the back rides up if the shoulder seam shifts too much.  Oops.  Seems like I didn't avoid the shrunken look as Sharon suggested.  

I don't know if this style of cardigan is for me.  Like others have said, I need to find a style that works and stick with it.  They're so cute on everyone else though! I love how it looks on the dress form, but meh.

Anyway.  On to the next project.

I am almost finished with my umpteenth pair of jeans.  (Wow...spell check did not auto-correct "umpteenth."  Is that a really a word?)  Squirrel!

Okay.  What was I saying?  Oh yeah, jeans are almost finished.  I just need to attach the belt loops, sew the buttonhole, and hem.  These joints are tight - but not uncomfortable.

I have to take pictures of the first completed steps of my Starting from Scratch journey.  While I'm still motivated to keep going with the plan, I want to sew some spring-summer stuff.  I don't wear enough dresses and want to incorporate more of them in my wardrobe.

I also started another jacket, S2284.  This has been on my list for a while and I finally decided to get to it.  So far, it's okay.  The muslin fit reasonably well; we'll see how it sews up.

Hah.  This is as far as I've gotten.  One seam at a time.

In other randomness, I bought four new Jalie patterns.  I loved Kyle's work out skorts and wanted some for summer biking.  The other three patterns are Kyle's fault too because...well...who else am I going to blame?  Me for having no self control?  Pfft.  

I bought a gravity feed iron last June and finally started using it in September when my second digital Black & Decker cooked itself.  I got tired of using self-heating-potential-fire-starters, and decided to invest in the GF iron.  

I'll never go back to a basic iron again for sewing.  This thing is heavy and generates a ton of steam. I have a $10 Target iron that I use for ironing clothes for dressing.  Even this little iron gets really hot and creates a lot of steady steam.  I've even burned my fingers (and thread) a few times with it.

Anyone else have a GF iron?  How do you like it?

I think that's enough randomness for today.  



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