13 October 2014

Kwik Sew 2960 (pants)

 (photo credit:  Patternreview.com)

Last summer, the lovely SarahLiz embarked on a pants fitting journey that I followed with great interest.  She used several patterns, ultimately fitting Kwik Sew 2960 perfectly.  In following her progress, I was reminded of my first attempt at fitting this pattern which ultimately ended in me throwing the muslin in the magic closet.

When it comes to jeans, I don't mind a few wrinkles because I think some are necessary to sit comfortably.  But this pattern was designed for stretch wovens and, in theory, shouldn't have many wrinkles.  Right?

I returned to this pattern again in September with a wrinkles-be-damned-I-need-pants attitude.  I made three pairs, each varying wildly in fit and satisfaction.

When sewing the first pair, I noticed that the pants legs were WAY wide - wider than in the muslin.  So I nipped the front and back pieces in near the knee by an inch on both sides.

Doing this gave a much closer fit and a nice flare at the hem.  What can I say, I love flared pants!

Version 1 (stretch poly woven):  fail

I have no pictures of this pair because I already donated them.  Somehow, front and back side seams were off by a full inch and I had to stretch the pieces to fit.  This caused unsightly puckers at the hip that could not be removed no matter how much I pressed.

Version 2 (rayon poly lycra woven):  semi-fail

After fixing the side seam issue, this pair sewed much more smoothly.  However, not all rayon-poly-lycras are the same.  This pair stretched horribly!  I could take the pants off without unbuttoning/unzipping.  I cut the waistband on the cross grain and used a stretch interfacing - which only added to the problem.  Plus after only one wear, the fabric started to pill.  These are going in the donation pile or trash; I have no desire to try to fix them.

I bought five yards of this fabric and still have three left.  Unless I find something else to do with the fabric, methinks this is getting donated as well.

Version 3 (rayon poly lycra woven):  success

Either I'm a glutton for punishment or I refuse to be outdone by a piece of fabric.  In any event, I gave the RPL another try.  This time, I used a 2-yard piece left over from this Jalie jacket.  This pair was a total success (although the jacket is in the donation pile).

The weight of the fabric is pretty much the same as version 2, however I think this has more rayon than polyester.  The stretch is perfect and after two wearings and a wash, there is no pilling.  I cut the waistband on the straight grain and used a non-stretch interfacing.  The waistband is a little snug, but I MUST unzip and unbutton to take them off!  I am definitely going to make more.

I'm still working on my fall sewing plans.  The color scheme is grey, green, purple, and white/off white.  I finally started sewing again and am almost finished with a simple tank top.  I intend to start working on another version of New Look 6407 (pictured above).


Thank you so much for offering words of support.  I'm doing better and simply trying to take one day at a time.  I did a major bike ride yesterday and that lifted my spirits - while also making me extremely sore!  More details on that tomorrow.

Until next time, peace!


05 October 2014

October Already?

I know I've been missing in action.  Not much sewing going on here, but lots of stress.  I am determined to get things together and to get back on track.  

In the meantime, I've spent a LOT of time rolling pennies.  Seriously.  I have two very large glass jars of pennies.  I turned in $16 worth of pennies and rolled another $20 yesterday.  I have about $30 or $40 more to go.  

Besides this being a sort-of mindless activity, I am working to clean out my house of stuff.  Old books, clothes I don't wear, and papers that have no use to me are out the door.  I am downsizing quite a bit.

I hope to return to sewing soon.  I signed up for the Curvy Sewing Collective Wrapped Dress Sew Along, but I haven't gotten very far.  I traced and cut out my pattern pieces and that's it.  We have a short break coming up soon; maybe I'll get some sewing done then.

Until next time, peace and blessings.


18 September 2014

Blog Hop Part II & Why I Always Pre-wash Fabric

As part of the Around the World Blog Hop, participants are to invite two bloggers to join.  I admire so many sewers that blog, it was hard to select only two!  I've been blogging since 2007 and thought about the first few people I met back then:
Michelle of happilycaffeinated.  Although Michelle and I have never met in person, we connect!  She was one of the first people I followed on PR and whose reviews and comments I read frequently.  In addition to being a talented sewer, she is super sweet, helpful, and cheerful.  Perhaps we will meet someday!

Rachelle of Smoking Needles.  I've had the pleasure of connecting with Rachelle a few times when she would drive an hour to meet up with our local sewing group.  She's a real treat to be around and a very talented fitter and sewer.  Have you seen her Barbie collection?  Oh. Em. Gee.

Look for their posts soon!


This picture shows why I always pre-wash fabric:

Do you see this foolishness?!  This is from a red stretch cotton poplin found in the stash.  I really wanted a red shirt, but saving the fabric wasn't worth the hassle of dealing with all of the run off.  My hands were stained from handling this wet mess.  I threw it in the trash bag that, of course, had a hole that I didn't know existed.  Imagine my surprise when I walked back into the laundry room. 

Lesson of the day:  pre-wash all fabric and check the water before your wash cycle starts!



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